TRIMFIX Stainless Steel Abrasives

TRIMFIX Stainless Steel Abrasives

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TRIMFIX Black Mamba Flap Disc.

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TRIMFIX BLACK MAMBA completes the Eisenblatter product range TRIMFIX Zircopur and TRIMFIX Hellfire and has also a backing plate made of natural fiber instead of glass fiber. The backing plate of TRIMFIX BLACK MAMBA is like the other TRIMFIX discs selftrimming.

This means: While grinding the backing plate reduces itself - therefor the grinding cloth on the disc can be used up to the last grain. The newly developed pure zirconium cloth of TRIMFIX BLACK MAMBA (exclusively by Eisenblatter) reaches an up to date unmatched total stock removal.

Up to 1 kg steel can be cut within 15-20 min.

With only one disc it is possible to remove a total of up to 4kg.

  • High performance flap disc, perfect for "heavy duty" steel working with cool grinding, extreme removal rate and highest service life time.
  • Brand new pure zirconium hybrid grain mixture with cooling agents for up to date unmatched performance level on steel up to stainless steel with "cool" grinding behavior.
  • Viscoelastic backing plate allows easy trimming of the outer diameter during normal grinding.
  • Completely developed and produced in GERMANY.
  • The backing plate is made of environment friendly nature fiber compound and is completely free of glass fiber.
  • Vibration, heat and noise reduced.
  • Unreached stock removal rate.
  • Thanks to selftrimming backing plate it's possible to use 100% of the grinding cloth (high cost-saving potential).