PIPE-MAX Pipe Belt Grinders

PIPE-MAX Pipe Belt Grinders

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For small to large pipe diameters.

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  • For perfect grinding and polishing on closed and open pipe constructions - from small to large pipe diameters.
  • Homogeneous, uniform grinding and polishing results on all pipe diameters, regardless of whether they are small or large.
  • New damping concept with gas pressure dampers allows the grinding and polishing belts to be "slung" round the pipes perfectly with no great force.
  • New drive roller with replaceable rubber O rings guarantees that the belts will not slip.
  • Return roller made of soft PUR material. This ensures particularly soft contact and permanent elasticity.
  • The soft return roller also allows flat surfaces to be ground longitudinally, for example to remove spot welds and eliminate deep scratches, etc.
  • Fast, easy belt changing.
  • Ideal belt guide using side inox fittings. No more adjustments required.
  • Balanced and adjustable handles mean that they can be set to suit the job in hand.
  • Can be set up for right-handed and left-handed use or for side and overhead working.
  • The belt unit is made of aluminium permanent casting alloy and is particularly strong and resistant.