G-TOOLS Pipe Grinding Machines

G-TOOLS Pipe Grinding Machines

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PG110-2/PG110-3 Reliable and Long Lasting Pipe Grinding Machines.

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G-TOOLS new developed pipe grinder model PG110-2/ PG110-3 have the following features:

  • Smoother and easy operation with lower noise lever, comfort for factory and operator.
  • Quick and easy changing of grinding rollers for all sizes. Save time, no alignment of adjustment of sanding belt.
  • Accurate pipe angle adjustment between 45-90 degree without using any tools.
  • Come with pipe length measurement.
  • Long lasting bearing design.
  • Limit stop for control of pipe grinding depth.
  • Dust tray collector. Cleaner machine interior and protection for wear parts.
  • Window for cleaning pipe residue after grinding.
  • Spacious and solid tooling storage compartment.
  • On/off magnetic contractor.